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Teri Hatcher in a Wet Suit of the Day

Remember when Teri Hatcher was all the rage. It was back when she was on some bootleg Superman show that depressed me to watch at the time…without realizing that a decade and a half later…the real depression would be in her bra…cuz her tits look deflated and sad…not to mention her face looks like something out of a zombie movie where she came to life to eat brains after dying a horrible scuba diving accident and I am legitimately scared of whatever I am looking at….pussy everyone freaked out about doesn’t always stay that way and here’s the proof….

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  • Josh

    she’s grosser than gay jesus.

  • Taz

    She was so hot in that James Bond movie

  • Expletive:BMP

    her uncle raped her, so all those years of watching her on macgyver and rubbing my penis against a pillow thinking it was her face, was for not since; she had sex with her first husband only three times on account of her having trouble having sex due to her uncle playing hide and seek with her poon when she was a kid. Who knows, maybe she’s gotten better with age, then again, maybe i’ll have sex tonight and no longer be a virgin.

  • TXdad

    She looks like Michael Jackson.

  • Joe

    Expletive:BMP said “having sex due to her uncle playing hide and seek with her poon when she was a kid.”

    But what about her stinkhole? Did it get violated?