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Nicole Richie’s Mom Nipple Cheating in a Bikini of the Day

I have a pretty deep rooted hatred for Good Charlotte sisters. I am really not sure where that problem started or why, because they hit the music scene long after I knew what a music scene was, cuz I was not a teenage girl – and I was nottrying to sleep with one….and even if I was, I would have avoided their mainstream smut as hard as I could….

For some reason, their suburban punk with their strategic tattoos, and the fact that I was convinced they used to fuck each other cuz they felt it was just next level twin masturbation, used to really irritate me….for no reason other than they fucking sucked…

I also have a pretty deep rooted hatred for Nicole Richie. Not only is she a worthless unwanted baby of some groupie trash who pawned her off to live the good life with Lionel, but she’s also a rude little cunt. She killed DJ AM, she blocked me on twitter, she used to have no sense of humor when I’d prank call her, and she just fucking sucks….She’s a troll, she’s not hot, she’s not interesting, she does nothing with her privileged life but waste space….she just fucking sucks….

So when I heard she was in Mexico with a new man, I was happy, because it meant maybe Good Charlotte will kill himself for his failure as a dad….but then realized that I hate her equally and can only hope before Good Charlotte kills himself, he brings her down too…only to discover she’s with Sam Ronson, another crackhead who totally turned on me after she used to text me all the time for press and call me up to hang when she was in Montreal…..adding a third layer to this ugly, irrelevant, rich kids who don’t do anything important, love triangle, that I hope also ends in bloodshed…..

But she was in her bikini, and I do see her mom nipple I doubt her kid sucked on….cuz that’s too much work for Nicole Richie’s laziness…these people are all fucking trash…I hate giving them attention that makes them feel relevant…

To see more shitty pics of Nicole Richie’s shitty body in a shitty bikini cuz she’s shitty…Follow this link

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