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Karissa Shannon’s Sex Tape Preview Pics of the Day

Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Karissa Superstar

Here are some pictures released from the Karissa Shannon Superstar Sex Tape.

I have a friend who works at Vivid and he has seen the Karissa Shannon sex tape. It is supposed to be very fucking kinky. He wouldn’t go into too many details, but figure that the bitch was already getting naked to get ahead, and fucking her boyfriend on camera is just one step away from that, so I can only assume it’s worth watching….

I am glad that she realized her self-wroth and took the next logical step for her. She’s one of those easy to convince pussies, who are good to get working for you, especially when you’re her manager and make 20 percent of her money, all because you pretend she’s your girlfriend…

That’s not to say her blackboyfriend came up with this, but I’m thinking he did, cuz I’ve heard this bitch talk and she’s about as smart as a you’d expect….

But who really cares about her intelligence, she’s a young, damaged pussy with baggaged and a set of natural tits getting fucked like a pornstar, pretending she’s not one, cuz whoring is her meal ticket…and there’s something very beautiful about that….

Here are some preview pics I pulled off the site. Her ass looks pretty fucking hot…I guess she is Playboy trash afterall, I’m ready to see her fucked…no matter how staged, strategic, cheesy or interracial it is…September 28th is only a week away…

Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Karissa SuperstarKarissa Shannon Sex Tape Karissa Superstar

Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Karissa SuperstarKarissa Shannon Sex Tape Karissa Superstar

Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Karissa SuperstarKarissa Shannon Sex Tape Karissa Superstar

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  • Jeffree

    Kardashian gets pissed on, this bitch gets spanked, I’m expecting either a gangbang or BDSM for the next one.

  • Volfie

    BTW, exactly who is this chick?

  • Nino

    WTF Are people really going to pay $$ to watch this bimbo romp and take it in the exit with this gangsta RAP wanna be
    This chicks Playboy bunny ? DAM that Hugh Hefner must really be desperate or senile. Good chance both these pigs have AIDs. This country (America) going to hell in a hand basket if people find this entertaining

  • Bob Smith

    Who is the flabby guy fucking this little chippy?

  • mike

    wow!! cant wait for this tape!! Will be the best one to date in my book!!

  • Jesse Jackson Jr

    I like dem white chicks. Weez gonna dilute dis hole white world into chocolotte colored childrens. 75% of us is bastard childrens any ways suckin off the govrnment teet. Give me some fried chickens (white meet of corse) and somes water mellon. I’se be happy as a blacks man pickin cotton.

  • Die Cunt

    this is what a playmate looks like, not photoshopped? I’ve plowed hotter chicks then this pig with nicer tits after a night at the local tavern..

  • Expletive:BMP

    I don’t get it.

  • WhiteGirlBanger

    Jesse Jackson Jr comments got me cracking up. Especially since I’m one of those I don’t give a fuck type niggas. When people write that Ebonics shit cause they think this is Amos & Andy 1890s and weez can’t talk lol. Hilarious! It actually does make me crack up especially knowing what’s up in Bank of America and waiting for me at the house! Hahahhaha

    Weez doin it big massa!

  • m3

    Pics?? @ Die Cunt

  • My question in all this is when the hell the writers of Smallville will allow Clark Kent the ability to fly already? The series is on its last season.

  • Another soon-to-be ?leaked? sex tape from some talentless spoiled attention-whore.