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Adriana Lima on the Beach of the Day

I don’t know who the fuck the genius behind these pictures is, but I do know if you’re on the beach and Adriana Lima, mom pussy or not, is there in a bikini, you do whatever it takes to get a full body shot. You climb in a tree, you pay a retarded or blind kid to walk up to her and ask for a picture, you fucking dig a hole in the sand to pop up under her, you rent scuba gear, a hellicopter, a dune buggy, pretty much anything you can get your hands on to get the fucking shot….cuz sure, she’s hot and looks alright from the tit up, but that’s not why I do this site or spend my days wasting away on the internet looking at new pictures of celeb pussy….I do it to see the fucking goods, and not the goods hiding behind the fucking chair…

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  • Drunken Pig

    Being a dedicated miscreant pervert is time consuming and hard fucking work!!..but it does have it’s merits..getting paid for said carnal endeavors don’t hurt either!!

  • Longtime reader to this wbpage. I like the design…good job Thank you!