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David Beckham Fucks Prostitutes of the Day

Here’s a recent video of David Beckham running up to a fan angrily when the fan mentions something about prostitutes, because apparently there’s a whole David Beckham and prostitutes scandal I had no idea about going on, because I just assume all dudes fuck hookers, espescially when they are on the road and their wife looks like an icy cunt who knew what she was getting into when she met him, as there’s been sex scandal after sex scandal over the years and who really cares, I mean other than him, cuz clearly dude’s torn up on the inside about it….or at least torn up enough to rip a fucker’s throat out…Goodtimes…

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  • Expletive:BMP

    I feel bad for Beckham; guy’s always cheating even if he isn’t. Much like Ashton, as if he’d fuck some young twit over Demi Moore’s awesome extra mature cunny. And who the fuck would cheat on Victoria. My goodness, look at her, just look at her. As if, any thing else can compare.

  • anorexic chicks are disgusting! (there pussies are always fried-dried.) In America this couple ain’t jack shit!

  • Jay

    I would of repeated it to his face like beckham wanted and got knocked out silly, but cashed in when I came back to my senses 🙂