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Mariah Carey Falls on Stage of the Day

Based on her thickness, she should be happy the stage didn’t fall from her weight, but instead she just had a sloppy medicated tumble, with titty everywhere, and handlers there to pick her up and annother one to fix her shoes as she sings and the whole thing was lovely but would have been better if there was a little more vagina, a little less of a team of experts to guide her through the incident, and maybe ever a little kick her while she’s down dick in her mouth, cuz you know the best time to cock slap a bitch is when she’s struggling to get up cuz of her stupid high heels she wears to lean up…

Either way, good times.

If the video doesn’t work – Follow This Link

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Admittedly, she has got a lot of cushion for cushion.

  • KAG

    Wow, she is freakin huge now

  • blue

    id still hit it.