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Mischa Barton in Leather Shorts in Paris of the Day

Here are a couple of drugged out lookin’ pussy at some event thinkin’ they are fashionable and awesome, when really they look haggard and disgusting….because Mischa Barton is a disaster, but she managed to squeeze her fat, sloppy legs into a pair of leather shorts….

She’s currently in Paris, in the event you were wondering “where in the world in Mischa Barton going to die?”…

She is keeping good company with Montrealer and likely heroin user Irina Lazareanu, who I’ve never had the chance to finger bang in the backseat of her parent’s car, cuz she moved to London when she was 13 and for fear my finger would fall off due to disease…cuz she met Pete Doherty at 15, and was engaged to him a couple of times in some kind of love triangle with Kate Moss, I am sure all you idiots really care about….

On a more interesting tip, I was just walking down the street to an abandoned building near a high school I like to hang out in and cry myself to sleep in cuz my life is shit, and I walked in on two 14 or 15 year old bull dykes making out, with their school uniform pants, cuz they are bull dykes and don’t do the whole “skirt” thing, and it was not very hot…and luckily, either is Mischa, otherwise my story would totally be irrelevant, and I need her nastyness in lesbian state to make it all make sense….

I guess that means she’s no longer irrelevant and that I just found her purpose she’s been looking for, and that’s as the spokesperson for ugly lesbian stories….oh and her shirt is see through too…in the event you are blind…

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  • Drunken Pig

    Nice ‘Crack-Lips’ beyotch…truth be told, Id still drill it!!

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    She’s looking better, a few weeks away from her enablers does the trick.