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Tiiu Kuik Gets Naked for a Fashion Film of the Day

Tiiu from Daemian & Christine on Vimeo.

I know since you people have the culture and substance of retarded kids who live in a backwoods shack cuz their parents are siblings, you’ll find almost as much joy in this fashion film starring a naked woman with a stupid name, as you do in jerking off with pig shit when you’re not banging your retard head against the walll….

Beautifully shot, interesting and confusing art fag storylines you’d find in a museum or being discussed over a cup of expensive coffee is exactly what your poor white trash ass is about….

But when there’s nudity masked as high art, even if art is a bullshit concept people made up so they don’t have to get real jobs, it’s always awesome, cuz I can ignore the pretentious bullshit that comes with it…


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  • Drunken Pig

    Anyone who depends on lame-ass shit like this to rub one out is retarded and should immediately feel the wrath of the mighty interwebz ‘Ban Hammer’!!

  • XYZ

    Piece of shit and a waste of time. If I want a skinny bitch, I go to the cemetery, thanks! Makes me sick…