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Jenna Jameson in Some Classy Pants at the Jackass 3D Premiere of the Day

Jenna Jameson was at the Jackass 3D premiere in tight clothes…for those of you who are interested in knowing what a woman who used to fuck countless men and take countless loads on her face in exchange for money some wouldn’t consider quite enough to make them do what she did on camera, despite the fact that if she didn’t do what she did, she probably would be working as a truckstop checkout girl or strungout on drugs as a whore no one wants to fuck cuz she’s too old and used up…

But that’s not way to talk about my TWITTER girlfriend….we all fuck…some of us even fuck a lot of people…some of us pay for it…some of us do it to advance our careers or living situations…some of us do it on camera…some of us do it as a career…and who really cares…cuz I’d still eat her out but then again we’re in internet love….and based on these pants at least she knows where she stands in life.

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