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Shauna Sand Flashes Her Underwear for the Kids of the DAy

Shauna Sand is a great mother….Here she is taking her kids out to the pumpkin patch…something a mother who doesn’t care would never do…unless maybe she knew hundred of paparazzi were there and she was a total attention craving prostitute who made a career as an exhibitionist both before and after she turned herself into a horrible looking monster with a dead fucking vagina

I have no idea what’s going to happen to her kids, I do know that having a disgusting sex tape with one of her many houseboy’s she imports from european modeling agencies, along with stupid tits and outfits….and pretty much being a novelty act everyone laughs at…is bound to do some serious damage and I think it’s gonna be fun to watch….and that’s probably one of the reason why I track Shauna Sand’s every move…and push her disgusting pussy getting fucked in her Sex Tape that I did jerk off to twice to see if I could….the other reason is pretty much having nothing else to do.

I want to see the video of how this shit went down…was it a girl’s gone wild situation…where the paps egg her on, or was it just her way to get noticed like a college girl..30 years too late….and the whole thing is amazing…

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