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Courtney Love Flashes Her Ass While Shopping of the Day

Anyone who reads this site knows that I love gutter lookin’ bitches. The kind of bitch who has lived a pretty hard life, who has used a lot of hard drugs, and who if she hadn’t married a rocker who “killed himself” at his prime, instantly making him a legend, a strategy the dude from Pearl Jam and every other 90s grunge band that faded into obscurity should have taken, she’d probably be taking it up the ass from strange people for crack money, but instead is lucky enough to make the royalties on all things Nirvana, allowing her to shop in fancy places and show the world her ass like she just doesn’t give a fuck, because she probably doesn’t. It’s like her big fuck you to the world, that things worked out alright, except maybe for the guilt fueled self medication that made her an abnormal member of society….capable of getting by thanks to all her cash…

But these voyeur pics could be of anyone and they’d be hot. They are the reason I go to malls on weekends and sit near the changing room, pretending my wife’s in one of the stalls, allowing me to see bitchs do a whole lot of titty repositioning, panty flashing, ass checking out and it’s all pretty erotic….

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