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Jenna Jameson Does the Pumpkin Patch of the Day

Jenna Jameson hit up the pumpkin patch because it’s the place you go if you don’t have a good PR person and you are in the mood to get a picture of you taken by the paparazzi…Unless of course this is the only fucking place in LA that you can get a pumpkin, like these assholes have the monopoly on it or something, and I’m just a little disappointed that she’d kill the excitement of what she’s going as this year by wearing her Zombie costume out early…not to mention Zombie’s are so fucking played out this year….oh wait…That’s just how she looks…my bad…I am also disappointed that she’s fuckin’ with such small pumpkins, you know based on what she did to her tits, and I guess what she did to her pussy, you’d think she was a go big or go home kind of slut…and really that’s no way to talk about my Twitter Girlfriend , but she neglects me lately, so fuck her…if you’re into takin’ risks…Get it? Cuz she’s a pornstar who would seemingly have a very polluted cunt….

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  • You skank

    She just picked out her new vibrator because everything else wont fit in that gutter sluts meat hole.

  • kix

    um.. this girl, whoever she is, is sorta lacking in the large, black tattoos across the shoulders that jenna has had for quite some time now, don’t ya think?

  • eeeeeee

    u sure thats her?
    she looks so totally different without a dick in her mouth.

  • MissyB

    Yeah Jenna has massive script across her back and ankle an forearm tattoos…this girl clearly has none….and you’ve just totally posted her picture said some really fucking nasty and pathetic comments about her. Do your research, dicks.

  • wavaxa2

    Dude, you have php problems. When I click on these pictures, it says:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function language_attributes() in /www/drunkenstepfather.com/public_html/templates/header.php on line 2

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