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Eva Mendes in a Pink Dress of the Day

We’ve all seen Eva Mendes Naked in every single movie she’s every been in, that’s kinda her gig, cuz that’s how immigrant hispanic pussy get ahead in life, you know by getting naked and hoping someone will be willing enough to watch so they get paid….whether it is at the stripclub, at J.Lo’s Selena audition, or every job Eva Mendes gets…it’s just the slutty immigrant hispanic pussy way….

It almost seems pointless that she’d even bother wearing clothes to an event, since she’s one of those one-trick-ponies kind of people we’ve all seen naked and who is happy getting naked cuz she knows if it wasn’t in movies, it’d be in snuff films she gets stuck into doin’ with one of her obessesive clients at the stripclub who has a “if she can’t be with me, she can’t be with anyone” philosophy on life…..

I’m just glad this isn’t Ugly Betty….

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