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Vanessa Minnillo in a Bikini of the Day

Apparently Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lechey are engaged.

They are back in Mexico, because they are always in Mexico, it is a popular place for them to fuck in the hot tub for the paparazzi….and cause a huge headache for everyone who posted the pictures because that was their private time and it was violated…but not as violated as the next couple who rented that villa after them and landed Hollywood grade herpes all over their face, eyes and mouth….cuz everyone in Hollywood has herpes, especially the ones who get married…cuz marriage is 90 percent a sign of settling with your partner because they diseased you or got pregnant, same thing….

And really who cares about these clowns…they are irrelevant…they only matter cuz of Jessica Simpson…and looking at her in a bikini is no different that lookin’ at any pussy in a bikini…cuz she’s just that much of a no name…whether she pulls Mexican spring break hot tub stunts from behind with frat boys lookin dudes or not….

To See The Rest of the LATEST Bikini Pics – Cuz the Paparazzi Hate Me

To see the my archive of Vanessa Minnillo bikini posts…because she seems to always be in a bikini or at least that’s the only time pics of her are taken cuz I guess she’s got nothing else to do with her time and she’s got access to all that 98 degrees money to offer the good life……click these thumbnails…

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