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Emma Watson in a See Through Dress at the Harry Potter Premiere of the Day

I would have posted these pictures if she was wearing a fucking snow suit. Not because I like Emma Watson or think she’s hot, but because you do. See this is my scam to get people to the site cuz I know that there are millions of Harry Potter fans, who have been obsessed with the shit since the first movie, and who live and breathe the shit in anticipation for the sequels, making a lot of people fucking rich. I also know that those same perverts pretty much watched Emma Watson grow up, thinking “she’s gonna be hot when she’s older” to justify the fact that they were jerking off to a 12 year old and they still haven’t stopped cuz that loyalty justifies the dirty things they did to themselves while watching a little kid in action….the beauty of the Sci-fi and Fantasy club is the loyalty those motherfuckers have to the things their socially awkward, nerdy asses find cool.

So here she is for the nerds…

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  • Taz

    She is super sexy….. short hair and all.

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    I second that Taz. I like the first pic kinda looks like she has her f-me eyes going.

  • mr. awesome

    she looks like total shit. unless you happen to like the pre-pubescent teenage boy look.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    I’m getting better at playing guitar, and when I’m good enough, i’m moving to the United states or Canada, and once there, I’ll make independent films and movies, and serials for SyFy, and albums with double disc sets with Blue ray and DVD inserts, pictures, and infinite materials. They’ll be only $25, and then I’ll move to a nice cottage in Father Britain, and offer Emma a roll in a movie about being a gorgeous starlet who is a cold blooded sociopath who gets her rocks off manipulating people into doing her dirty work for her. Think of her as Aizen before he left Soul Society for Hueco Mundo. Her Ky?ka Suigetsu would be her femininity and beauty, and hopelessness, though all of this is an illusion, much like Aizen’s Zanpaktu Ky?ka Suigetsu; complete power of hypnosis. Though the reality is her character would be as deadly, and as quick, as George Clooney was in The American, but with Hannibal Lectre’s brutality. And after having her do that roll, if she isn’t married or seeing some one, I’ll ask her on a date, just a date, since it’s doubtful I would have lost my virginity by then, so I’ll probably still be waiting for marriage. But if she isn’t interested in the roll, or a date, I’ll give it to Dakota Fanning.

  • roscoe

    she makes my +4 wand of power throb

  • terrable Terry

    I’m just a dirty old fart who happens to be a leg man and thhis is a pair that gets my juices flowing. I’ll dream about those legs tonight.

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