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Miranda Kerr’s Yoga Stance of the Day

This is the position Miranda Kerr was in when Orlando Bloom dropped his load in her not knowing she was skipping her pill on the regular cuz she wanted what all crazy women do when they are hormonal and lonely want…and that’s a family to continue the here genetic legacy with a man she feels meets her requirements….bitches are like scientists when it comes to getting knocked up…except maybe my poor black neighbor with a dozen kids of different cree, color and nationality cuz of different daddies who seems like she takes more of stray cat approach….and then there’s the Mexican down the hall with 5 kids who takes the the farm animal approach… I guess the strategizing is for white chicks cuz white chicks are boring and like to play it safe…

Either way, imagine this picture of her in her getting knocked up pose lead to and if you’re not like me and scared of pregnancy cuz it’s disgusting, you’ll dig it…

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  • Stoner Moon

    You would never get closer to a woman like that than 500 ft, poor douche… I imagine that you have to pay a lot of money for a woman just to talk to you. I hope your mother reads your crazy crap and I hope your father talked about her like that when she was knocked up with you piece of shit.

  • BigDickJones

    Shaddap Stoner Poon, nobody gives a fuck what you have to say. I’m guessing you’re a morbidly obese diesel dyke with acne & a smelly kootch.

  • giantpurpledickeater

    Stop writing run on sentences, or ending your sentences with … ‘cuz’ its really annoying.

  • Generic

    Insert generic complaint about content that I have the choice of not reading.