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Beyonce Has Increased Sex Appeal of the Day

I can only assume Beyonce got an abortion or had a miscarriage because just a few weeks ago people were saying she was pregnant, cuz they assume her marriage to Jay Z is an actual marriage that they have sex in, when really it’s just on some strictly business level….because she is less fat than she’s been in fucking years. Maybe she’s taking the public’s advice when reporting her being pregnant as a fucking sign that it is time for her to start starving herself, maybe she’s on crystal meth, who the fuck cares, cuz she’s lookin’ good and we should take it in because normally bitch’s thighs are so thick they make me skip meals so not to end up like that, even though I am a dude and I am substantially fatter than her, but you get what I’m saying….

So I guess this Thanksgiving eve, Beyonce needs you to give thanks to Rihanna and all the attention Jay Z was giving her half naked booty shaking body, for motivating her to find her sex appeal….

Here she is proving being skinny is better than being fat leaving some event…

Here she is at another….

Here’s her banned from daytime TV cuz daytime TV isn’t smutty as hell with all the bored housewife smut they airperfume commercial if you haven’t seen it…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Gotta admit, bitch can take a punch.

  • Dude, success breads coke headed-ness….she has lost weight, check the recipe….www.weluvmike.com

  • John

    Yeah, chubs, it’s totally not gay to want women to starve themselves till they’re 10 year old boy skinny. You might want to consider skipping more than one meal, eh Porkins? Get back in your x-wing you fat cunt.