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Rose McGowan and Amy Smart at the Dead Awake Premiere of the Day

Here are some pictures of Rose McGowan and Amy Smart at the premiere of their new movie, it toally feels like it’s still 1999. Unfortunately, I don’t. The last 11 years have destroyed me physically, mentally, and emotionally…I think I just shat out my liver and I haven’t stopped coughing in 6 months. I am broke, unemployed and married to a fat pig. My stepdaughters are no longer 16 and 17 and a lot has happened. Not to mention lookin’ at these girls 10 years later….looks 10 years later…it’s one of those putting your wife in a school girl outfit…if you can find one in her size…it just doesn’t work…it just isn’t an actual school girl and no amount of booze can make you think it is….

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  • testington

    Rose McGowan still looks do-able and Amy Smart sill looks like a dude