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Brooke Hogan and Her Trashy Mom In Florida of the Day

Nothing really needs to be said about how white trash the Hogan’s are and really what does anyone really expect, cuz raising your kids in Florida is bad enough, throwing in a superstar wrestler from a backwoods trailer park who likes young pussy his sperm made and his stripper wife as parents, give them millions of dollars, and this weirdness happens. Sometimes, pictures are enough.

I haven’t been to Florida since the late 80s and it seems like nothing has really changed from the time spent at the topless donut shop and walking the neon, implant, mullet, crazy pant filled beach. It’s like some white trash time warp and I am confused…

What’s weirder is that Hulk is jerking off to these as you read this post…this is his number 1 fantasy…this is his porn….not that you’re reading this post…but I’m writing it assuming you are…cuz it gives me purpose.

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  • Bob Smith

    Who are the two guys in the bikini tops?

  • Travis

    My Christmas wish is for this manly beast to know how disgusting it is.

    Brooke that is. Her mother I couldn’t give a shit about…

  • J. Fred Muggs

    Would like to see the two trampy blondes taking on about 6-8 well built black dudes.