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Kylie Minogue’s Legs and Crotch Performing of the Day

Here are pictures of Kylie Minogue proving that if a bitch loses some of her sexual parts, like her tits to tit cancer, or her uterus to uterine cancer, or her anus to anal cancer, or her cervix to cervical cancer, she’s still got value, provided she doesn’t get all those cancers at once, cuz healthy or diseased titty or not, she’s still got a pussy and that’s good enough for me to get down to.

So here she is showing off her legs and what may be underwear while performing and I am posting them cuz I think she looks pretty hot, cancer survivor or not and I’m not just saying that cuz cancer survivor’s with money are porn to me, cuz you can move in on them while no one else wants them, before they relapse and die of the shit, leaving you with everything, my mind just doesn’t think like that.

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  • Expletive:BMP

    I wouldn’t consider heir lady a cougar, but rather, I’d trump milady an empress; on account of her being awesomely seasoned. could you imagine that cunny bleed of hers, even if it’s getting dryer by the day, it would still be an honor.