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Deborah Ann Woll Topless but Nippleless in Allure of the Day

I drank too much vodka last night. I know…I didn’t thing such a thing was possible. I always thought the perfect world where Vokda flowed from our faucets instead of water, but I guess last night I proved why they shouldn’t…..

I also didn’t know who Deborah ANn Woll was because I don’t watch TV, but it turns out that not only is she on the popular show True Blood that I’ve never seen, because I hate Vampire everything, especially Anna Paquin’s busted down bisexual topless face….but she also gets naked but doesn’t show nipples for the January issue of Allure…

Here are the pics to start this miserable hungover Friday…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Hard to masturbate to that hairy arm.

    I tried, I assure you, but it was difficult.

  • saltydog

    Deborah Ann Woll is the best thing on the show.

    Get this, she plays a vampire who was turned into a vampire before she lost her virginity. So now every time she has sex her hymem grows back and her boyfriend gets to re-pop her cherry every time

    also she looks hot in the show, but not here

  • YouBetcha

    I would lick every hair on that arm, then move to her lower fur patch! Why is everyone else on the show nude but her?!

  • Lil_chubby

    LohanWanker, if you think that is a hairy arm, I don’t think you have ever been w/a real life woman ever. Especially one with dark hair. Mammals have hair. That is one of the least hairy female arms I have ever seen. Nothing but virgin posters here apparently.