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Elisabetta Canalis in her Bikini of the Day

All I know is that these pictures are better than the midget with retard scars on her knees who was staring in the porno I thought was a great idea to watch despite everyone on the cover looking like they were found on the street or in a homeless shelter. I am talking toothless, unshowered and disgusting……all fucking each other….

So whether this whore is actually a whore trying to advance her career by dating George Clooney, or whether she is actually into him and it just conveniently helps her get her name out in America, cuz Italian acting pay isn’t quite as good or not…she’s got a rockin’ body in her bikini and if I was George Clooney or at least in his position, I’d let all the hot pusys around use me while I use them, it’s a fair trade off.

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