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Montana Fishburne Amazing Ass in BlackMen Magazine of the Day

Too bad Morgan Fishburne’s daughter / pornstar Montana Fishbourne didn’t look this good in her Sex Tape ….not that watching any chick fuck is ever bad, especailly when they are doing it by choice to piss off their father’s who can afford to send them to Harvard, or Yale and who could have chosen to be anything from a Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, Philantropist, Volunteer to save AIDS babies, but instead chose life getting fucked on camera and potentially ending up with AIDS and/or a prolapsed vagina. The whole thing is pretty fucking legendary.

Here she looking good in Blackmen magazine….one of my monthly reads you know trying to keep it real….like all the white kids who I am sure subscribe to it.

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  • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy

    Photoshop is awesome.

  • wtf

    It’s LAWRENCE Fishburn. You’re thinking of Morgan Freeman, dude.

  • nameless

    wtf…they had to photoshop her ass so badly it turned into a cartoon butt.

  • g-mooney

    His name is Laurence, not Morgan, you stupid hick.

  • Willie Dixon

    A good photoshop rule: reduce your image size before publishing. If the human looks like a comic book character, you’ve gone too far.

  • Romulus

    Man, that is so airbrushed it isn’t even funny.

  • Commenter failtards

    @g-mooney and wtf: You guys are retards. It was a joke, but I guess you have to have a triple digit IQ to get it. Why can’t we euthanize tards like these two?

  • beavis

    Yeah, that’s just weird. Some photo editor needs to go to Playboy school.

  • you skank

    Photoshop much bitch ?

  • YUK

    yeah it sure is air brushed, her AZZ has acne and dark sores all over it(NO LIE)

  • looloo

    Her name is Montana, not Morgan for whoever wrote this article. Don’t you proof read you stuff before you publish it, geesh?

  • burner

    LMFAO this nasty bitch does NOT look like this, he are these people trying to kid?