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More Chloe Sevigny Bikini Pictures of the Day

I don’t write movies. Sure, it was my childhood dream as an immigrant who was amazed by the concept. But dreams are for faggots and unrealistic idiots who don’t like to settle for the hell they are living in the now. While, I’m okay with settling, it’s boring, depressing and conveniently gives me reason to drink….and I don’t know how to write….coupled with laziness, leaves me here with no readers, no fame, no fortune, no glitz glam or model pussy sucking my dick for her big break, unless you consider my wife a model, since she is the poster girl for what overreating can do to you in some infomercial years ago, but that doesn’t count…

What counts is that I always hated movie sex scenes, but I always loved sex and figured if these actors were really serious about their craft, they wouldn’t play make-belief fucking, like some shitty highschool play, and expect us to believe they were “Really In Character”, they need to delve into the depths of their genitals and actually fuck.

But America likes gore better than sex, and movies like to blow people up and show the power of war, and not what really matters in life, like interpersonal relationships that get my dick wet….

So as a pervert who had dreams of Film School, I’d keep track of every mainstream movie with actual fucking, most out of Europe, all pretty erotic and amazing knowing these are just actors and not actual pornstars, and that kid from 6 feet under fucked on Camera, and all these Larry Clark movies that got banned had people fuck on camera, and some Parisian movie called Baise Moi about rape had fucking on Camera, and then Brown Bunny hit, some bullshit Vincent Gallo garbage that I couldn’t watch, featured Chloe Sevigny using her hipster throat by sucking dick for her acting career, for people to take her more seriously, to show us how much of an artist she is while making me never want to get my dick sucked by her…

All this to say I that I hoped that was a sign of progress of what was to come, but for some reason everything got more conservative. Even old TV shows have better sex jokes than the what’s on TV today. We live in some corporate run hell, and thanks to posting nipple on my site, I can’t get a fucking advertiser. I’m broke, miserable, while all the other people doing what I do make millions a year….and it is all Chloe Sevigny’s fault. If she fucked properly on Camera and people noticed, maybe there’d be real sex in every movie….

We need to start a petition or something. America needs more sex or at least accept it enough to display it everywhere.

That said, here is Chloe Sevigny’s “hipster artist” bullshit ass trying to make a comeback and get on the map in a bikini….I can smell her hipster bush from here and despite hating her, I kinda love it.

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  • Truff

    That is one SMOKIN’ HOT tranny!!!!

  • bush bunny

    american conservatism goes up and down, in and out , like a stiff dick. hang in, your time will come. and! chloe sevigny, so much more interesting than that fucking photoshopped victoria secret lingerie shit you keep posting which is all about nippleless tits and pube free twats….i wouldn’t be surprised if they were in cahoots with al qaeda

  • ken

    Imagine the improvement a nose-job would do here…

  • Al