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Amy Winehouse Titties Take Brazil of the Day

There’s no better way to way up after passing out at 8 am after drinking 3 bottles of wine, half a bottle of vodka and whatever else I could stuff down my throat to ease the pain that is my life, than to an eamil from one of my readers, who amazingly exists and actually has a girlfriend from Brazil who reads the brazilian papers and who saw this amazing picture of Amy Winehouse’s fake tits falling out of her bikini top, possibly cuz they are numb and don’t feel anything anymore, or maybe because she’s numb and doesn’t feel anything anymore, and really who cares as long as it happened…..cuz Amy Winehouse is a fucking dream to me….except maybe for the time I woke up in my stepdaughter’s mouth while she was passed out naked all tight and 18…..what? I’m not her real dad. Who cares….her’es Amy Winehouse, She is in Brazil and she is falling out of her bathing suite and she is Amazing…and I am going to pass the fuck out..

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  • Wooddragon

    I would fuck that with a stolen dick, 30 condoms, and a 1 million cash prize at the end.

  • Elvis

    FUCK YOU WOODDRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go out and make the 2 greatest rock albums of the last ten years and then tell us what you’ll do with somebody elses dick. (and don’t forget to stick it up your ass when you’re done)

  • cowbulls


  • Expletive:BMP

    I don’t give a fuck if she was the first female president of the united states, I know I sometimes can be gross, like everyone else. But this chick seems to be always fucking gross. And she’s a druggie. Fuck her albums released and money obtained, a fucking crack whore is a fucking crack whore. So what if I have no back teeth, is blacker than a mutha-fucka, sometimes watch too much porn and masturbates perpetually with my five inch dick, hasn’t had sex, and is as ugly as biggie, I’d still bang this chick up the ass, and would gladly suck on her cunny juice, even if it was tainted with lots of smegma cheesy vomit purple green goodness.

  • Expletive:BMP

    And being a crackwhore, I’m sure she won’t complain while I shove my five incher up her ass, using her unwashed fecal crusted ass to scrub the extra sensitive circumcised penis glands of mine, good times.

  • NoNoNo

    No no no. Do not want this shit.

  • Cha-Cha

    Okay Expletive:BMP
    WE GET IT.

    You have a five inch penis and you don’t approve of Amy Winehouse.
    (Typical fucking business-dork Americans)
    Thanks for telling us because it’s something we’ve all been wondering.
    Another thing I can’t help but wonder after reading your comments…. Does your bitch walk around with a ice pack on her asshole?
    AMY WINEHOUSE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nunya

    She is a has been now because of her inability to crawl out of her drunken/drugged stupor. She sure does know how to throw a good drunk. Too bad it’s gonna kill her way before her time. Too bad it had to ruin her career before it reached it’s zenith.
    Jimi Hendrix is waiting for you Amy.

  • Reverend Walter Mondragon

    Yer all a mess Of cluster-fucking circle jerks as far as I Can see.

  • Not a smelly Arab

    I want to taste every millimeter of this dumpster. There is something about her that drives me out of my fucking mind. I would fuck her even if she had AIDS. I don’t give a shit. She is so fucking hot. Goddamn………………………

  • Not a smelly Arab

    your spelling is shit.

  • 88

    Heeb puss is the worst…Seriously. You know it too..

  • 88

    What I meant to say was Heeb puss maybe the worst…..but Winehouse’s Voice is the best!
    Three Cheers for Winehouse!!!

  • bug

    If this disgusting bitch makes good music…awesome…listen to her cd…but recognize the filth before you and keep your dick away. jfc

  • One of the Borgs

    Picture looks like she may be one of the borgs. It’s a shame she got all doped up.

  • you filthy skank

    Nice rack, too bad if you went near her you are running the risk of Hep C from all the shared tattoo needles she’s used and oh yeah.. AIDS. I cant stop staring though……


    If Amy Winehouse was NOT a female (and for some of you pigs, not Jewish) no one would be saying this shit.
    Here is a list of all the famous MALE musicians that have chased the dragon: Charle Parker, John Lennon, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Jerry Garcia, Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain, Eddie Spaghetti, Steve Earle, Brad Nowell, Lou Reed, Fruschiante, Mike Bloomfield, Trent Reznor, Gram Parson, Ray Charles, Andrew Wood, Slash, John Coltrane, Chet Baker (and the list goes on…) And no one has ever gave a shit about what these junkies did but all you assholes attack Amy because she’s a real women and let’s her freak flag fly but most of all because she doesn’t have a super tight ass, and Julia Robert’s smile, and she’s not quite Susie Fucking Creamcheese and doesn’t look like a shiny clean sorority queen, and you spout this crap because you can’t bring her home to you’re mama’s and this is why men are such fucking assholes…

  • bug

    Forget about bringing her home to mama…I’d feel ashamed bringing her to a crack house.

  • cowbulls

    No Female Perspective, the problem is she is too gross and too much of a health risk to touch and thus worthless. There are millions of women that guys want to “take home to Mom’ or have sex with that aren’t as you describe. For example, half of California and many in her hometown of Smyrna have gotten oral sex from Julia Roberts without fear of catching a disease. I understand she gives a world class blow job and that is something most men can appreciate.

  • JJ

    Eddie Spaghetti !?!?!?


    Cowbulls Darling- Isn’t any drug addict “too gross” and thus “worthless”? But wait- you don’t bad mouth the Rolling Stones (Keith Richards) or the Beatles (John Lennon) or Nirvana (Kurt Cobain) or The Grateful Dead (Jerry Garcia) or any of the other guy bands. This is my point- If I guy does, it gives him street cred. If a chick does it, she’s a sleazy fucking skank- bullshit double standard!!!

  • black spawn

    yes female perspective, ladies need to be refined like the ballerina on top of the page that spins to the right…who thinks she spins to the left?

  • bug

    I don’t care how gross Keith, John, or Kurt is. They don’t have vaginae, and therefore, are not fuckable by default. Dumb bitch. Jesus. Are men also sexist cause they refuse to bear children? Do you understand reality? Do you know what fucking website your posting on??

  • black spawn

    female perspective….you do understand that dudes, in general, like to screw ladies….right? John, Kurt, Keith…these people are without a vagina. Is childbirth a double standard? Do you understand the reality in which we live? Do you realize what fucking website you’re posting on??

  • Al


  • Expletive:BMP

    For your information Cha-Cha, I’ve never fucked. And though I’ve done, and said some of the most inappropriate things imaginable (and by done, i mean watching porn and masturbating), I’m awaiting my time in the cunny hole the old fashioned way, on my wedding night. Sure I’ll probably fail the moment I get some awesome cunny to myself, or they get me, since, I’ve had opportunities but I ran away before things got heavy. And one girl asked me if I was a faggot, and I told her that I wasn’t a gay, but I was a prodigal step child, who is hoping that not going too far, will gain me some pity from the Creator, if I were to die before recompense—true story.