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Camilla Belle Shows Off her Ripped Stomach of the Day

Camilla Belle is some actress best known for her work as a Jonas Brothers vagina that wasn’t touched in the media cuz the Jonas brothers pull this whole celebate, waiting for marriage bullshit that I know is bullshit…but that may not be bullshit…meaning this bitch knows how to suck dick and take it up the ass proper as that is the grey area that makes Christianity and Abstinence total fucking bullshit….

I’m digging her outfit choice that shows off her ripped stomach….not so much because I like muscular girls, as they remind me of dudes…but because I’m married to obesity…the poster girl for gastric bypass surgery and whenever she makes me go down on her…I wish I could feel some hip bone or rip bone…but I don’t cuz that shit is buried by years of emotional eating….

Here’s Camilla Belle…

Here she is with some bitch named Alex Vega –

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  • burner

    Fucking dead sexy, I would make her scream at the top of her lungs.

  • EA

    Even though you described me here, “but I don’t cuz that shit is buried by years of emotional eating….” that shit was hilariously delivered. I was busting up.


    Your description of your basket case wife just confirmed my bachelorhood for another decade.

  • I believe That bitch is Alexa Vega From the Spy kids series

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