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Chloe Sevigny Nude in Mr. Nice of the Day

HEre is a Chloe Sevigny sex scene from a movie called Mr Nice about a famous British drug smuggler…

Considering this Chloe Sevigny trash has posed naked and sucked dick in movies ….this clip is pretty softcore and boring…but considering it is Friday and my life is softcore and boring cuz I’m not Charlie Sheen…this is gonna have to do…

I know that Chloe Sevigny will always secure her fan base of hipster idiots who think average at best, obscure pussy, that is recongnized as an “artist” and a “fashion icon” by idiots is exciting, intellectual, inspired and all the other cliche’s that come with being a hipster who takes himself seriously, but I just remember her as the AIDS in KIDS….which kinda put a damper on fucking virgins without a condom if the virgins you were trying to fuck without a condom had seen that movie….so I have no choice but hating her for being part of something that deprived us of something pure….when we had the chance to fuck virgins…before girls were losing it at an age we’d get arrested for even looking at them….

Luckily there was also some Unidentified Actress Involved in this Mr. Nice Nudity Hustle….and I’m loving her body….She makes up for that overrated Sevigny trash

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  • Bob Smith

    You weren’t making that up. She did a blow job scene in that movie. Wow. I find her a lot more interesting now.

  • James Lipton- Inside the Actor’s Studio

    ….The thing about Chloe is she’s one of the few actresses that doesn’t give a fuck- if she sees a part that has some depth- she’ll approach it with heart, and if that means getting a little dirty- no problem- that’s integrity- and that’s what 90% of most of these dumb Hollywood cunts lack (gwyneth paltrow, kate hudson…the list is endless). Maybe it’s just actresses that are from Los Angeles (that are candy-ass dolls) since that place is such a heartless piece of shit.

  • cowbulls

    I disagree because the vast majority had to at least give a blow job or two and hit the sheets to get the role.

  • she has a weird mole on her tit. as seen in boys dont cry.

  • The unidentified actress would be me! 🙂