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Tila Tequila Sex Tape of the Day

I knew Tila Tequila had a sex tape the last 6 months, it was in the works the last year. This is supposed to be her next big break. They’ve been working this strategy hard like all bottom feeders do.

Now Vivid is using Pornhub and a series of fake lawyers letters to get publicity to the video….whether they want to admit it or not…The industry is entirely staged bullshit…especially at this level…

This is what they did to make Paris and Kim Kardashian and Pam Anderson think they werne’t behind the shit fully, cuz that would make them whores, which we all know they are, but they don’t want to be marketed like that…

So today the staged bullshit involves Tila Tequila masturbating. Her cumming pretty intensely is worth watching, despite her black labia. I am sure the world is going to watch this shit, whether they stage bullshit stories for TMZ or not.It’s Tila Tequila…at a low point I assume will remain a low point for a long fucking time and what it really comes down to is that I fucking hate lesbian porn…almost as much as I hate Tila Tequila…

Update – The thing that amazes me about this video is not that her pussy looks like there was a Vietnam war of its own in there, but that Vivid went to all this trouble, when only 5000 people bothered watching her stripping on webcam video….She’s done.

Update – This isn’t her first sex tape, this whore shit is all she knows, she sucks…she was just right place right time….

They are doing the pre-release to generate buzz for Vivid who invested a lot of money into this shit already, promising Tila a future….Enjoy


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  • That pussy looks disgusting. I’ve fucked some Asians but have never seen black labia. And when the fuck did she have tit surgery, last month? Those scars are too noticeable. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re a bottom feeding cum bucket scamming virgins to pay for your surgery because you have no money and are too ugly to find a real sugar daddy.

  • Capitalism’s Dead!!! Socialist Revolution Now! (take America back from the special interest lobby and Corporate America!!!)

    This is nothing. There are sex tapes of Tila Tequila getting fucked up the ass by some big Mandigo-size nigger. This is soft core shit. (My dick didn’t even more)….

  • Woah

    lol she had her boob job done in Tijuana and WTF is wrong with her pussy

    I’m fucking traumatized for life!

  • Missypants

    Poor girl.

  • Tommie

    Somebody needs to bleach their anus.

  • Black labia are hard to see with the lights off.

  • Don Draper

    Okay….wait a minute? What was the thing before “Says:” About 5 slots up?Whose the crazy Motherfucker trying to start a Marxist revolution on a porn site?

  • smalldickmenareinsecure

    Yea I guess some of you don’t want Asian porn,many of these women have brown to dark pussy,yuck.

  • no dollas

    Somebody need to tell Tila’s pussy to stop smoking so many blunts.

  • Mr F

    She has disgusting super long tree frog fingers! And that black labia….*throws up*

  • n2tattoos

    Charlie Laine is filming. who’s the other ho?

  • Beaton this

    Racist pigs! Even though I can’t stand Tila, the comments about her dark snatch by the one commenter saying “yuck to Asian” women for having brown snatch is ridiculous. I guess he hasn’t slept with many women of any race because I have seen white women who have had beat ass looking pussy that are black & blue from fucking all the time so it’s not just Asians, dumbass. Also, what’s wrong with being brown? Haven’t you people ever slept with any black women, but I don’t hear any of you complaining about their dark ass snatches… Stuidty at it’s best

  • BaJeezus

    Nasty – plain and simple.

  • Not much of a sexy tape, no dick included so its just foreplay not sex haha

  • Expletive:BMP

    I hate this fucking video because it’s boring, but all that dumb shit about black or blue or purple cunny is fucking stupid. I’d suck the black off that fucking cunny even if it belonged to this Cambodian muppet reject. And by the way, Lesbian porn is fucking dull, we need dick, even if it’s rubber, we need dicks. Of course I nominate my five inch sponger, but knowing Tila, she’s probably had nigger dick twice the size of my mess.

  • roscoe

    other than the boob scars this is hot. love her long fingers too.

  • Capitalism’s Dead

    I’D HIT IT

  • nolia.slim

    I’ve banged many Asian women, FROM Asia not the United States– Filipina’s, Koreans, Japanese and quite a few of them have dark labias.


  • “capitalisms dead” is the next crazy gunman!

    I’d hit all three of them. All of you that said you wouldnt are still 29 year old virgins that get off to your moms hairy snatch!

  • cowbulls

    That pussy is worn out. I’m not sure that a normally sized man could enjoy her ass because it also looks worn. What good is a woman if you couldn’t even hit the sides? The color doesn’t phase me.

  • funny or die

    Did no one hear her fart at the 1:14 mark????? Baa haa haa!!!

  • Expletive:BMP

    funny or die, no I didn’t, but I shall investigate.

  • Expletive:BMP

    funny or die, you are correct sir, AFTER REVIEWING THE EVIDENCE, and trying my utmost not to cum in my pants or attempt to rub out one (so as not to compromise my investigation), Ms Tequila did in fact fart; even though it was more of a boo boo, than a full on fart.

  • canadianblackchick

    did no one else notice that those are two well known porn stars? That doesnt seem intimate to me. That seems like you were doing a casting call.

  • Omar

    That shit was funny! One of em farted. Don’t give a fuck what y’all say I’d jump head first into all that ass. A few of y’all must be gay or somethin. Asians r fuckin sexy… And yeah alot of do have a dark vag.

  • mr casper

    Her tit surgery is like that because she had no tits at all and the scars underneath are normal for when they go under the tit, tons of people dont know her as tila nygun back when she was just a naked model anyways she has the ugliest taste in men, why does she like ugly black guys and dorky looking people? she is insecure but we all know you would all fuck her pussy and lick her butthole if you had the chance so stfu.

  • yaya

    That is Kristina Rose that is kissing her, a well known porn star.

  • Say moi

    Lame. Of course it’s staged if not by Vivid than by someone in the porn biz. Those two chicks are porn chicks. Charlie Laine and Kristina Rose.

  • Giggity Greg

    Pussy fart at the 0:40 mark

  • Meester Oh

    After researching…nah that wasn’t her…
    Tila’s kinda pointless. She’s already done full nude photos EARLY on in her exposure… so it’s not like you haven’t seen all of her before.
    She’s trying to add another 15minutes to her fame, but you can’t un-cook a burnt roast.

  • marky mark

    Who gives. White chicks pussy stinks. Asian are clean.

  • Alalalaalala

    so basicly i see all the hatin comment if y’all don’t like it then why the fuck are you watching it or commenting on it quit being racsist lil douche bags. Anywho im basicly speachles i would so hit that no doubt and dayum she is hot
    i love me some good pussy

  • Andrew

    Why the fcuk is her pussy black? Those asians that I fucked before, their pussies are looking cute. Wtf.

  • Wait i thought the original video was released by vivid entertainment?

  • Her poonani is black because when you have too much sex all the sperm collects inside and the poonani slowly rots and withers away…. hahaha… the older women get the darker and more wrinkly the poonany gets. I’m not racist btw, I’m AZN. And yep, letters from Vivid to Pornhub are staged. In case u didnt notice, Pornhub is an affiliate of Vivid; they are tight buddies! Very common of adult companies to give out small clips to tube sites in order to get traffic. Pornhub is the biggest tube site online, #1 in google from porn. Vivid is making at least like 500 sales a day from that shit. They are both laughing to the bank!

  • Katsunifan

    It’s a profesional score. “Home made” – my ass!

  • lindsay

    Vivid didnt pay tila anywhere near what they paid kendra wilkinson!

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  • nick

    ahahah someone queefed at 0:40

  • Mr. J

    All you guys talking shit about her are fuckin idiots. You know that if you were given the chance, you wouldnt even hesitate to fuck her

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