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Hilary Swank Naked in a New Movie of the Day

Rubbing Lotion on her tits, showing off bush in light cotton panties, getting out of the bath all wet and naked are apparently all things that make Hilary Swank tolerable…at least that’s what this clip from The Resident a movie that is yet to be released is telling me.

Watch it while you can, cuz I’m pretty sure this is gonna lead to a lawyers letter, while I just think I’m promotion, but lawyers like to double talk and make issues out of nothing so they can buy themselves Porsche’s and cheat on their wives they regret marrying in Law School before they were rich, when they saw a bright future of comin’ up to the top together, something that faded fast while at the top and realizing lots of 20 year olds would love the life you could provide in exchange for sex, being reminded of that everytime you stare at her shitty body…a frustration I guess that fuels the misery that they need in their careers as they try to ruin people everyday to feel good about themselves…shit, I shoulda been a lawyer.

That’s all I have to say about that….

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  • Al

    Nice and natural! even her bush

  • zZZzzZZzZZZz

    This lame pseudo-nudity shit celebrities do all the time really pisses me off.

  • juanhunglow

    okay, i admit that i am old and undersexed,but damn she has a hot little bod. god damn butter face. u know everything looks good….

  • Major Tom

    All i can see is a bunch of fags bitchin’ about a female nude body.

  • bullshit

    all i see is fog you cant see anything i dont know what you people are talking about you cant see abnything

  • kj

    Body is so hot I hardly notice her face is beat.