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Tila Tequila’s Sex Tape Continues of the Day

Tila Tequila has a Sex Tape ….I wrote about it last week mocking her, but you gotta give a bitch like this credit….She was a nobody, but getting fake tits and hustling on Playboy cybergirls and myspace made her enough of a somebody to get her own TV show…Sure the whole thing was good timing with the internet going mainstream and mainstream media signing up with anything that was getting hits…without realizing they were just low level bottom feeders…but now they are low level bottom feeders lots of people know and don’t care about…She’s got shitty plastic surgery scars and this isn’t a real sex tape….it’s just porn…and that may make me hate her more, but I couldn’t be bothered…

Now her life has been a series of sex tapes, publicity stunts and all that obvious shit, but you know it kinda worked for her, cuz based on her look, I’d expect her giving hand jobs in back alley Viet massage parlors…

Also, I did some research and it turns out that she’s not the Vietnamese girl running on fire from the Vietnam war all growed up, despite what her vagina may tell you…

Now, I’m gonna say you should get the DVD, cuz I figure all sex tapes are worth watching, even if the cunt in the video is annoying and makes you want to punch her in the face, and even if the shit is lesbian porn, while lesbian porn is only good for chicks who feel naughty getting off to two girls while not being distracted by huge cock, cuz every girl I know jerks off to lesbian shit…no guys I know do.

Either way, watch clip, get the movie, show me your tits, I don’t give a fuck…we’ve been watching her demis for a while and I figure this just ads to the experience….even though only 500 people watched her strip on webcam last year….which was totally shocking to me and makes me wonder why she didn’t kill herself…but I guess it was cuz she knew she had these tricks in the bag…good hustle…dumb bitch.

To Get Your Hands on the Sex Tape in Full – Follow this Link….

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  • elber galarga

    kristina rose is one of the porn stars, who’s the other one ?

  • T

    The other porn star is Charlie Laine. You would think that if they wanted people to buy that it was a sex tape, Vivid wouldn’t cast porn stars in it.

    Tila says she doesn’t shower so her vagina could be black from that. It might still taste like her brother’s semen from last year too.

  • butt monkey

    the other one is charlie laine

  • @T

    She actually said she doesn’t shower???

  • jason

    Her first lead, like last year showed her with a guy sucking a dick. Now its all lesbo time. The lesbo stuff is fine but if she really wanted this to be a big seller she should have added the boy/girl scene as well. Muff diveing can only take a porno so far.

  • price geoffrey

    These tranny videos all have the same boring plot-line.

  • T

    Yes, she posted a videoblog a while back when she was on a really bad drug binge, talking about how she always smells good so she doesn’t have to shower. It was around the same time she filmed this video.

  • Roy

    It’s Leanna Scott, a Tila look alike.