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Mischa Barton Bending Over for Old TImes of the DAy

I like to look at Mischa Barton pictures as a morning inspiration. It’s like after seeing her thick, messy, useless self bend over, I don’t feel so bad about myself. If she hasn’t killed herself after going from the hot dead puking kid under the bed people used to jerk off to in The Sixth Sense, and by people I mean me, to going to a hit show as the main fucking character, to this out of work, sloppy, drug addicted drunk with a fat ass, all in front of the people, then why should I…..

Mischa Barton is a suicide help line – and here she is bending her pig self over….cuz if you’re like me, you don’t like fat women, but they never say no, especially if you put donuts around your cock….that’s when shit gets nutty.

All this to say, at least I’m not Mischa Barton…

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