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Ivana Trump Old Lady Bikini Pictures of the Day

This should be enough reason to never crave growing old with a bitch cuz when they grow old they become disgusting….because lets face it as long as there’s a pussy, dried up, atrophic, infertile and menopausal or not, there’s still a fucking pussy…and really not worrying about pregnancy, the friction of dry lip, the grey pubic hair and loosened collagen making a war torn eastern europe she escaped relived in her panties can be a little exhilerating to have every once in a while, especially if it bakes you cookis like the granny you never head…

Seriously, look at her thigh, if that looks like that, I can’t imagine what she’s hiding in her boxy bodied bikini bottoms…but I’m sure it’s a lot like a science experiment gone wrong….

The idea of waking up next to this on a regular basis…scares me…even if she pays a decent salary…I mean the taste, smells and visuals she comes with are a fucking nightmare….

So here’s Ivana Trump, an ex model, richer than fucking God, and still looking like a bloated, melting disaster….and me proving that I have no standards….something I’ve done countless times before…

Let’s hope she does Playboy cuz I’m in love…or maybe I just want her to put on a snowsuit…you know get back to her pro skiing roots…I’m so confused by this…I hate you internet..

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  • CharlieX

    Reality Check: Ivanka Trump may be one of the hottest women in the world but she’s going to look like this in the end.

  • sandie

    I hope I die young 🙂

  • petra

    I hope I die young

  • Bob Smith

    Does she *really* need to wear a bikini? Wouldn’t a burka make more sense?

  • Dave

    I know Jess is a hot babe and she will look good forever!!!!!!!!!

  • Expletie:BMP

    Fuck you lot, would I bone a senior senior lady, sure I would and gladly. She’s not hot, and she looks a tad dated, but what she lacks in beauty, she makes up for in being properly seasoned and naturally aged. So what if her cunny dry smells of garlic onions and sour cheese and bloated sun treated fish; I like my fish aged smothered in garlic onions and bathed in curdling sour pink, gray blue cheese.

  • Jenn

    Yea, because old men are sexy?!? Mmmm..love me some limp penis and saggy balls. Go F yourself. Guess what? When you’re old no young, hot chick is going to want to do you, unless you’re loaded. Not that you get hot chicks now….