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Neve Campbell Bikini for Old Times of the Day

Neve Campbell probably best known for fucking with high class escort Denise Richards in some movie they were in…back when Denise Richards landed an acting role…to offset her high class escorting…in hopes of one day making it without having to be a whore…before marrying her best client Charlie Sheen cuz she got knocked up…only to be set for life cuz he’s the richest man in TV…which worked out nicely considering she looks like a fucking monster now…not that this post is about Denise Richards, but who the fuck cares about Neve Campbell, she wasn’t even hot at her prime, so why’d I wanna talk about her now at her doughy middle-aged body in a bikini….but I will post the pics…

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  • Expletive:BMP

    Saw Neve Campbell yesterday, what nice gal. Pity, such a soliid gal worried about dimwits and beanos say about her weight—yous a sexy gal baby, keep dat weight right dere ya solid self!
    Genius Loci

  • Thomas

    What a looker! Beautiful!