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Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy cuz Melissa Molinaro is Hotter than Her of the Day

I’ve been trying to have sex with Melissa Molinaro for a long time. She never answers my calls or my emails when I demand she flies me to wherever she’s at, which is pretty expected because I am creepy, but that doesn’t mean that our love isn’t pure or real…as far as I’m concerned…there is no love this pure…mainly because one-sided love is all I know…

That said, I first started touching myself to this amazing creature when she was on Pussycat Dolls Search for the Next Doll TV Show….that I watched religiously, cuz I like seeing young girls dance….especially her….I didn’t watch her on Making the Band cuz Aurbey O’Day and Diddy fucking made me feel uncomfortable……..

Now I’m touching myself to her cuz she’s hitting the news cuz Kim Kardashian is complimenting herself by saying she is suing Old Navy for using an impersonator to represent Kim Kardashian in their latest campaign called “Cute”….when clearly if Kim Kardashian looked this good, she would have made 250,000,000 dollars instead of the 65,000,000 she came home with….you know cuz fat girls never get as much love as skinny girls….and I guess the good news in all this is that she’s gonna make my woman a fucking star she deserves to be….thanks Kim Kardashian for being fucking uselful for a change.

I asked Melissa…..

Are you traumatized by Kim Kardashian’s recent attack against you via Old Navy, because she knows you are hotter than her?

This is what she said:

DSF I don’t know that I would use the word “traumatized” to explain my reaction to the news regarding the Old Navy commercial. I am grateful to have worked with Old Navy on this project and while I don’t personally think I look like Kim others obviously do. She is a beautiful woman in her own right and I will take the comparison as a compliment…as well as your quote!

I hope Melissa sues Kim Kardashian back for the defamation, cuz being compared to Kim Kardashian, despite Melissa’s typical girl answer, is in fact insulting….

Melissa, I love you.

Kim Kardashian, you gotta relax on the lawsuits you fucking pig of a human, go role around in your money like it was shit and you were at the barn you belong in, you urinal to black men everywhere cunt.

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  • Brad Pitt

    I’m not a fan of Kim Kardashian but I kind of agree with her. I think it’s fucked up of Old Navy to find a look-alike, and hire her at one 10th the price cost of the genuine article. I mean who the hell is this Melissa Molinaro? Maybe if she got fucked up the ass by big black nigger, I might like her, but who needs another look-alike bimbo.

  • BK

    You must be the brad pitt that takes it up the ass by big black dudes.

    Whats wrong with women that look like this Melissa chick? She’s bad as fuck if you ask me.

    Get over it homo

  • Bob Smith

    Much cuter face than Kim Kardashian. As to the rest of her, well, I’d need to see more. I give credit for Kim showing her pussy in Playboy.

    And I don’t get Brad’s beef. The girl looks like Kim Kardashian. Yeah, well, that’s life. There’s no law against looking like a celebrity.

  • FredaSnitch

    Kim Kardashian is nothing but an Amateur pornstar who’s time in the spot light is coming to an end. Kim has no talent, bangs anyone to be in the papers and will eventually be a punch line in 5 years. Kim is overrated and has way to much baggage to take her serious as a celebrity in the future.

  • DennisdaMenace

    Hate Kim K but I do see her point.

    The very first time I saw the commercial I wasn’t paying much attention and actually thought that was Kim in that Old Navy commercial.

    Funny thing is the lookalike is actually thinner and more natural looking than wax figurine Kim has become recently.

  • Brad Pitt

    Dear BK (Jesus?), I just got fucked up the ass by “big black dudes” that Angelina hired, so yes, I feel rather refreshed. I think you missed my point. I’m not saying Melissa is unattractive. In fact, the black dudes who fucked me, tell me that she’s quite attractive (or as you say it “bad as fuck” You Rock!) The point I’m making is that Melissa is essentially “plagiarizing” Kim Kardashian. How would you feel if someone did a knock off website called drunkenstepdaddy? See what I’m saying? It’s unethical.
    P.S. By chance your not a black dude with a huge dong?
    P.S.S. Why does you Name on the top line have a link attached to it?

  • lol that last part was hilarious!!!
    and she does look like kim in the commercial but that just because she has the same makeup and hairstyle.

  • ted

    Am I the only one who doesn’t get what she is suing for? No law against looking like someone, at no point does she refer to herself as Kim Kardashian so where is the impersonation? Kim is so full of herself.

  • RealityCheck

    Kim is only flattering herself and looking for even more attention for doing nothing. It only takes about 2 seconds to confirm that it’s not a Kardashian in the commercial. This girl has a pretty face and her ass is much smaller than a VW Bug. Lots of people have long dark hair and a darker complexion. That doesn’t make them all Kardashians. Thank God. I guess Pam Anderson can now sue any commercial featuring a blonde with big boobs? Good luck with that.

  • O.K.
    We get it!!! All of America dreams one day to be compared to non talented ,porn whores. W/a severe case of narcissism !!!!!

    ………Will now sue blue man group…………

    ……….. I going to sue the blue man crew xs3……….

  • testington

    Bullshit move Kim. Why are people defending her?

    1) The commercial is not trying to give off the impression that it is Kim. Is she getting peed on by a rap star? Is she dating a football player in the commercial? Is she hanging out with a cuter sister and an ugly fatter sister? What about this commercial references the Kardasians in any way? Is Kim known for shopping and cheap ass retail stores?

    2) The commercial needed a cute girl who can sing and dance so they hired a minor reality TV star who is known for SINGING AND DANCING

    3) I don’t think Melissa looks like Kim, I watched that Search for the Next Doll shit and recognized it from Melissa right away because Melissa and the ugly red-head were the only talented ones on it

    4) There is no law against hiring a look-a-like even if that is what they did.

  • DKNY

    First of all, who the fuck watches commercials anymore? Why don’t you get a DVR like the rest of the world, or torrent your shows?

    Second, saying this girl looks like Kim Kardashian is like saying any long-haired mid-20s brunette looks like any other long-haired mid-20s brunette. Ridiculous.

    Third, she’s definitely hotter than Kim, mostly because Kim is not attractive. Just look at that disfigured face. So clearly there’s a bit of jealousy on Kim’s part.

  • lolo22

    Whoever wrote this shit sound like a straight up Kim hater and she is a brand on her own and its just sad that they had to fine a “look a like”. I would sue the shit out of someone too if i had someone look lime me trying to make money off of my trademark. Let’s be real people. And also for the person who wrote this that called Kim fat and ugly basically, Kim is a WOMAN who has curves which I’m pretty sure you know nothing about and I can put anything on this…if you had the chance you’ll get with her so stop being a straight up hater and I hope she sues you!

  • pogo

    roll not role.

    Nice rant.

  • justin bieber

    KK sucks shit out of a dirty ass

  • Expletive:BMP

    I don’t get the beef here yo. She’s made to look like Kim K, and if old Navy wants to quell this fire, then just give Kim K a contract for a few years for their next few commercials. Kim K is awesome, if you didn’t know, but I have no idea who this dame is.

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  • Linds

    Wow…DSF you’re kind of a racist….and so are a lot of the comments to this post.

  • JJ

    Dear hothawaiiancock,
    Maybe you should write a novel?