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Mandy Moore is Happy in Tight Pants of the Day

It’s nice to see Mandy Moore out smiling in the sunshine as she walks down the street like her boyfriend isn’t dead. It’s nice to see quick a bitch forgets DJ AM after dude had a drug overdose, even though they were already broken up, she should still be mourning, I’m talking black veil like an Italian widow waiting to die to be meet her man in heaven, but instead she’s all bubbly and shit, like she didn’t feel they were soulmates, like she just had him inside her like she has every man inside her, without any emotion…but I could be reading into this too much…you know I know nothing about Mandy Moore, other than that she’s large hipped, has weird virgin loser fans that won’t let go and accept thae fact that her career hardly exists anymore, and that she could have saved DJ AM, if she really wanted to and he could be DJing all the Oscar parties he used to…but instead he’s dead…as she smiles in her tight pants….disgusting…

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