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Michelle Pfeiffer in the Trash of the Day

I’m not gonna lie – I love throwing bitches in the trash they belong in when I am done with them…It’s not my fault that girls I get with automatically become garbage with my taint and scenrt…well maybe it is but I’m not the one that made them desperate enough for 50 bucks, I’m just the one offering the shit…

It’d be nice if real life imitated this masterpiece Michelle Pfeiffer is in with Zac Effron, you know when her sex appeal dwindles to the shit it has become, you can just remove her in the dumpster…not to sound psychotic or anything…I don’t want anyone dead or hurt…just in their rightful place…if that makes sense..

Here are the pics…of Catwoman gone Grandma and thrown out to be replaced by fresh vagine but it is still pornography to me….but then again I have a thing for bag ladies…they’re not judgemental behind the insanity…here are the pics….

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