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Michelle Pfeiffer Getting Topped By a Queer of the Day

For the Michelle Pfeiffer fans, don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about here, Zac Efforn is not rubbing his hard cock against her ass like she’s some kind of bath house patron looking for a husband for the night, he is usually a bottom, so when he gets up behind a bitch, he freezes up and doesn’t know what to do, so boners won’t be violating your woman who can get blind gay men hard because once the period stops, the clit enlarges, the mustache grows out, the pheromones released aren’t all that womanly…not to mention she’s all glamourous and fags flock to that shit…

Either way, here she is losing her gender on set slowly as the estrogen fades…and I’m posting it cuz she’s still Michelle Pfeiffer and she still has a vagina…even if it’s a little cold, dryer and dead than it used to be…

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  • testington

    plus even though it was 20 years ago her playing Catwoman was one of the hottest fucking things ever in a movie

  • Elisa

    Give me a break !! The woman is still gorgeous. First of all these are awful pictures of her. We should all look that good in our early 50’s. As for Zac Efron. How do you know if he’s gay or not? Whats the deal with that? And if he is WHO CARES.