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Leona Lewis Bathing Suit Pictures of the DAy

Leona Lewis has fat tits and apparently a fat ass..cuz she’s on the beach and she’s not wearing a fucking bikini….like it’s the 1800s or some other bullshit that is stopping this bitch from being half naked…I mean maybe she’s doing us all a favor…cuz sometimes bitches shouldn’t be in a bikini….and she is wearing something that would probably be see through if wet…which kinda makes her alright in my books…pretty accommodating of her…giving us the goods, leaving out or hiding the bad….more fat people should take her lead…especially when in public….

Then again, it could just be a British thing, cuz British people fear the sun.

Either way, here are the pics of her tits in a white one-piece…

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  • loser

    Who wears a bra with a bathing suit? Unless those monsters are so gruesome they’ll rip right through it!

  • Bob Smith

    I don’t think the tits and ass are the problem. When I look at her face, I’m inclined to put a feed bag around her neck and feed her sugar cubes.

  • Twitch

    The chick she’s walkIng with is Kinda hot