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Paris Hilton’s Hard Nipples of the Day

The only thing I really hate about Paris Hilton is her face…I mean other than everything else about her, from her voice, to the things she says, to what she’s offered the world, her legacy, her retarded behavior, the fact that she was famous for pretty nothing, and her family for brining what may be the single worst human to life….but I’m not really focusing on that in this post…I’m talking on a physical level…cuz when you erase her bird face and that obnoxious grin she’s always got…she’s thin, tall, has perky tits, and there’s really nothing wrong with that…especially when her nipples are hard…if those are even her actual nipples and not some artificial stick-on nipple she uses for paparazzi attention…because that is just the kind of scum she is…

I wonder if she’s using her computer that she’s lugging around to pretend she actually writes her own twitter, or if she’s going to check out what her fat brown clone is doing to strategize her next spoiled cunt steps…

To See the Rest of the Pictures with her Bird Face and Hard Nipples – Follow This LInk

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Do you think that her nipples are crawling with disease like her cunt?

  • Bob Smith

    I’m trying to decide if I care anything about her cunt or her nipples or her diseases.

    And I’m inclined to say “no”.

  • cowbulls

    She has big feet but that’s not the deal breaker. The problem is she isn’t hot enough to offset the fact that who knows what and who has been in her goodies. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself because I would be too worried about catching some weird disease.

  • daniel j plopp

    after plumbing the depths of her colon with my tongue, fingers and pecker i would suck this girls nipples until she started lactating