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Kendra Wilkinson in her Little Shorts of the Day

I was harassing Kendra Wilkinson on TWITTER….you know mocking her disgusting vagina that I got to see at 19 fucking some dude with Downs Syndrome, because she is an attention craving whore, so she released it as a sex tape, like other playboy centerfolds, cuz it is all they know….Here is MY Sex Tape Review

So I figure, what better way to celebrate the week, but posting these pics of her wonky face, knowing that her vagina is so much wonkier, when out in public in little men’s underwear, which is appropriate, cuz I am sure by know it’s turned into a dick…..

I am guessing this is prepping for Dancing With the Stars, or what I like to call “Admitting you’ve failed at being famous”….Bottom feeding…

See Her Sex Tape if you Really Want to Really See Her Dance…Or At least what you’d rather be seeing her do while your wife makes you watch her whore ass dance…….

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