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Kate Moss Still Models of the Day

Kate Moss brought her polluted vagina out in a leotard for some fashion show. I hope they equipped the shit with Saran Wrap like they do on new bathing suits, in a “no don’t worry you can take this home with you” kinda way, cuz I’d hate to be the fresh faced model who is forced to wear the sample again for a photoshoot, only to have Pete Doherty remnants dripping down her leg 4 to 6 weeks later.. Needle sharing, groupie sex, rockstar loving pussy is not something you want to rub against, unless of course you are me, who would wear that leotard and/or her vagina as a gas mask walking into a fucking chemical warzone, but I don’t respect my body, but I’d love to respect Kate Moss’….ideally with my tognue..

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    She even smokes on the catwalk, the things I would do to this fucking cunt would be illegal in most states. All of them would require her to keep the cigarette between her lips, even when she had to scream.

    I swear this to be true, the things I would do!