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Jenny McCarthy in her Bikini of the Day

I know I make fun of Jenny McCarthy because she’s old. Because she’s annoying. Because she’s got a stupid loud face that used to irritate me despite how big her fake tits were or how naked she was on TV…she was like Jersey Shore in overrated back in the 90s. The even gave her her own horrible sitcom…all because she got naked in Playboy…it made no sense…

I know I make fun of Jenny McCarthy for having an autistic baby, or a polluted womb that makes autistic babies, not because I think anything is wrong with autism and at times think I may be autistic, but because I think it is funny to see people’s reaction of how heartless I am, when autism isn’t a real disease, it’s a fucking blessing that will leave her little baby the next Mark Zuckerberg….cuz people are idiots…

And now I know, fake tits age niceley…shit almost looks like they grew there on their own….

Lookin’ good McCarthy, as long as you’re in pictures and I don’t have to hear or see your bad comedy act…when you should just stick to getting naked and/or half naked.

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  • cowbulls

    I think she looks great and we know that she used that body for one hell of a lot of happy endings for a bunch of very fortunate men.