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Emma Watson for the Virgin Loser Perverts of the Day

The funny thing about Harry Potter fans is how loyal they are.

It’s like no matter how this bitch looks or what the bitch is doing they get excited…and I’m not talking 12 year old boys, I’m talking pervert adults who started watching the shit when it first came out, anticipating the day she blossomed into a woman, making their masturbation less criminal, even though before she turned 18 they felt there was such a deep rooted love and loyalty, that it made it all okay, weird…

Harry Potter delves way deeper than nerd, it’s on some core of the person weirdo shit, and I guess it works out better for Emma Watson cuz she more important than Royalty now thanks to the number of these weird Potter fans, and that shit gets you PAID.

Maybe I just don’t get it, cuz Wizards don’t interest me enough to watch them in movies…

Here she is cuz I know you’re into it….

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