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Amanda Seyfried Working Out in Leggings of the Day

I am a guy who spends a better part of his mornings and afternoons during the spring and summer watching girls jog…In a lot of ways that almost makes me an avid jogger, I just haven’t reached the level of commitment to my perversion to join a jogging club to actually get to know these bitches, partially cuz I’ll die, but mainly cuz they are better in Spandex and little shorts, hard nippled and dripping with sweat, then actually getting to know them, cuz once you shower and dress any bitch, they usually lose their best qualities….

I am also a guy who likes watching Amanda Seyfried pretty much doing anything. She may not be all that hot, if anything she’s dumpy, but I like her hustle, and that makes staring at her tits have more meaning and brings it to a higher level….Anyone who does a Disny movie one month and a sexual thriller like Chloe the next month, keeps us on our toes, or at least ready for more of her bare tits, and until that happens at least we canlook at these pics of her jogging in tight clothes….

I’m a fan even if her tits look sloppy and she looks sloppy, and she always bores me, especially when I can’t stare at her ass, but she’s the new Lohan on the takeover…only jogging instead of doing heroin and sucking a pussy on what otherwise looks like a man.

No, I’m not gonna link to her sex scenes in Chloe again….


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  • meow

    ……so why do you post about her if u think shes dumpy and gross? your not funny, you suck

  • dr cock

    HAHAHHA ^ I agree

  • JimRonson

    ^^^ I agree x3, tee hee hee look @ me!