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Cindy Crawford’s Old Retired Model Legs at Some HBO Event of the Day

I’ll always be down for some Cindy Crawford. She’s just the kind of early 90s iconic pussy that ages pretty fucking amazing and after accidentally being pushed by her huge body guard outside her hotel I coincidentally was walking by a few years ago, her looking down at my from her 6 foot 6 perch, giving me a smile that made me want to climb her towering legs almost and build a fucking tree house in her pussy like I was the Swiss Family Robinsons. Moving in and never leaving due to warmth, comfort and the kind of agoraphobia every dude in the world can probably relate to. She’s amazing well into her 40s and I just hope I live long enough to senior citizen rape her at the old folks home we both live at…cuz I expect her to burn through her model and divorce money by then…in a “not too good for me now” funny how things work out redemption that will never happen, but feels good to talk about… FOLLOW ME

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  • cowbulls

    Cindy is the sexiest woman in history.