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Kate Moss Nipple for Vogue Japan of the Day

I’m a big fan of Kate Moss, literally, I don’t even fit into an XXL sweat pant anymore, not that you care….

Because here are some pictures of Kate Moss in Vogue Japan, because she knows how to give back to a radioactive, tsunami, earthquake ravaged country proper. Fuck the charities, Japan is rich enough, show them your nipples, most of the world has seen already….

Sure, getting naked for money may be the only way her veteran whore, rock and roll needle sharing HIV smelling vagina knows how to give back to the world, and that works for me, cuz Kate Moss is amazing on all levels…except maybe when it comes to parenting…and this weird corset cleavage….but other than that…she’s amazing on all levels…FOLLOW ME

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  • Al

    I’m pretty much a big fan too!