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News that isn’t news but that I am glad that happened – cuz it makes me laugh and feel good about not being on the local news for being an idiot again…amazing…

Caught on Tape: McDonald’s manager punches teen employee

Texas Residents Oppose Adult Store
Residents of Bee Cave are upset at the prospect of Planet K, an adult gift shop and smoke shop opening in their community.

Cops Accused of Sexual Misconduct ID’d
Two Chicago police officers accused of sexually assaulting a woman last week while on duty — partners working in the 23rd District — were arrested after the incident, but have not been charged.

Police: Mom Hits Daughter With Car
Police say this woman struck her 17-year-old daughter with her vehicle following a heated argument.

Students OD on cold medicine
MELROSE – In Melrose, one Middle School student and one High School student had to be taken to the hospital to have their stomachs pumped after overdosing on cold medication to get high.

Car plunges six floors in Orlando
A car fell from the sixth floor of a parking garage with the driver inside.

Man broke into homes during funerals
BROCKTON – A Bridgewater man who admitted to bringing his 4 year-old with him while breaking into houses is now accused of ripping off people who were in mourning.

Beer increases odds of stomach cancer
It looks like the harder you hit the keg, the more you raise your chance of developing stomach cancer.

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