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Kendra Wilkinson Looks Inbred of the Day

It is amazes me that anyone other than maybe her father, who based on her inbred eyes, clearly believes in fucking family members cuz they are so convenient to creep up on when you come home drunk….

Seriously, there’s no way she’s not inbred or retarded, meanwhile she’s getting gigs in Playboy and treated like a sex symbol. What the fuck happened there?

I’ve even watched her Sex Tape with the handicapped dude a few times, and realize I was blinded by her meaty pussy at such a young age vagina, that I didn’t realize that she looked retarded too…It’s the nudity, and willingness to get naked, that always throws me off….not that I ever got off to this shit…but I never took the time to realize just how fucking ugly this cunt is…and by cunt I mean both her as a whole and what’s in her meaty fucking pants

All this to say, there’s no way she’s not a product and victim of incest…

To See The Rest of the Pics

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  • roscoe

    clearly retarded, also hired a blind woodworker to give her her nose job

  • Swanhakka

    And “famous” for pretending to bone that withered, stinky old pervert for money, too. Yuck.

  • BenDoverman

    I always thought she was gross looking. I wouldn’t touch her with my 12″ foot, much less pole. She looks like she belongs in a trailer with kids running around and dudes coming in and out.

  • Cali

    I always thought those bitches were fucking ugly, but she was soooo fucking ugly and nasty, but any white man’s trash is a black man’s treasure