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Beyonce’s Competes with Rihanna for the Kids in Shorts of the Day

It is no secret that Beyonce is trying to compete with Rihanna for Jay Z affection, but she’s going about it all wrong. Sure she’s been working out and leaning up, she may even have a new set of tits, but making a music video for a really bad Sesame Street song, filled With Fat School Kids encouraging them to not be fat by moving instead of developing eating disorders is bad hustle….but not as bad a hustle Bitch in Short Shorts Doing Aerobics in the Least Erotic Way Possible….she should take notes from Katy Perry on how to communicate with kids using tit…..

I guess this could be the next Anthem for 6 Year Olds….maybe she’s doing the Hitler, you know w in them over when they’re young so we can take over the World together, but maybe that’s the wrong approach if you want to get a male pervert fan base….

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