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Mischa Barton’s Sloppy Bikini Body of the Day

Mischa Barton is not dead. That amazes me….

If feels like just last year, she was drunk, drugged and ready to throw in the towel, but for some reason she’s ended up on the beaches of Hawaii in a bikini, a place few peopel go to die, I mean other than retirees….I really thought the demise of her career, her missing the chance to be a pussy flasher, sex tape producer, when people still cared, and addiction due to demons we’ll never understand, was enough to put her under…

And really what it comes down to is dead or not, Mischa Barton still looks horrible to me….

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  • Joe

    Whats wrong with her ?
    She looks dam good for an Irish chick that age, especially with that body type. Much better then those bubble butted Persians sisters or should I say coal burners people call Kardash’s

  • roscoe

    Seems fine to me too…doesn’t spend all her time in a gym; who cares?